My Labour Story – Baby A

I felt like I had to kick off this blog that I am dedicating to my lovely daughter by writing about her birth story. I find labour stories so fascinating myself, there never seems to be a similar one – and when you get a bunch of mothers together, they will inevitably talk about their labour story at some point!

So to go back to the beginning, I knew straight away that I was pregnant because we had been trying, so I took a test the second I was able to – and it was positive! We couldn’t believe that it had happened so quickly. I was quite lucky with my pregnancy – I didn’t put on any extra weight (I ate really healthily and drank a LOT of water which I believe helped), I din’t have any pains – I did get morning sickness for t he first 3 months but after that it was all good. Near the end I had really swollen, itchy feet though, I remember lying on my back with my legs resting on the wall to try and get the fluid to move!

As we got nearer the due date, I began to feel nervous because my bump was HUGE (not exaggerating here, it was ridiculous) but I was so small. How on earth was I going to get this baby out?!

Her due date was the 21st of September, but I knew that she would be early. I was 2 weeks early myself, and I knew that I would have a child that would do the same! On Monday 19th September at 1am I rolled over on the sofa to go to sleep (I had been very uncomfortable so thought the sofa would be best). Unfortunately for our poor sofa, as I rolled over I felt a ton of water gush out. My waters had broken! And I had had no sleep. Perfect.

I remembered from the antenatal classes that if your waters break before your contractions then you must ring the hospital. I rang them, and they said to call back once the contractions had started. I woke my partner up – I wanted to let him sleep, but I was just too excited!

After about 30 minutes my contractions started. Wow. They were much more painful than I could have ever anticipated. I do believe that all women have different levels of pain with contractions, but I don’t think it helped that mine didn’t increase over time – the pain was high throughout my whole labour.

I rang the hospital to let them know that my contractions had started as per their request, and they said to ring back when my contractions were a bit closer together. Whilst I was waiting for my contractions to get closer together, I decided to get in the bath. I’d heard that it helped – people had water births after all, didn’t they? For me though – this was unbearable. It felt like the baby was coming out, the pain was magnified and I got out of the bath. I had washed my hair and my plan was to dry it and straighten it so that it would be all nice for photos, as I had heard most people say that the contractions were slow and not that painful at first – many had said they didn’t even realise they were in labour at first – but I just couldn’t do it. I was paralyzed with the pain.

We rang the hospital again at about 8am when I could not bear it any longer. The contractions were close together, the pain was unbelievable – I had been going for 7 hours now with no pain relief and I’m pretty sure I thought that I was going to die, the pain was that bad.

The hospital did not want to let me come in – the nurse even said in a huffy tone ‘fine, you can come in, but only because you’ve been ringing so much!’ – charming.

My mum drove us to hospital and guess what – it was rush hour. The journey felt soooo long and I felt every single bump in the road shoot through my body and cause more pain.

When we got into the labour ward and room, I asked if I could have some pain relief because it was so bad. The nurse said that she needed to check that my waters had actually burst first – I said I’m not being funny but I have not been wetting myself for 7 hours and ruining all of the towels in the house!

She gave me the gas and air. Don’t mess with a pregnant lady! 🙂

Now usually they accept you into the hospital to give birth when you are 4cm dilated, because at 10cm is when you start pushing the baby out. When they checked me, they were surprised to see that I was 7cm dilated (do you think I was surprised? Lol!)

The gas and air made me go very light headed and apparently I started talking about the X Factor – don’t remember this!

They asked if I would mind a student midwife attending – this is something that I had expected, so I said yes. The student midwife told me that I was ‘colossal’ – lovely (she was American, so therefore you must say with an accent).

My mum had gone but my partner called her to say that the baby would be coming soon, so she started making her way back.

When she arrived, she expected to see a newborn baby, but was greeted with the sight of a very exhausted me. The pain and the pushing was taking it out of me so much that my contractions stopped.

I tried to continue pushing without the contractions which meant that I split all down below (sore!). They had to put me on a drip to get my contractions started again and I think that they were getting a bit concerned at how tired I was and that I could not get that baby’s head out!!

I didn’t think that I could do it but as soon as I got her head out, I relaxed. Getting her shoulders and body out was a breeze next to getting that head out. (FYI, when I measured our heads when she was 2, her head was only about 2cm smaller than mine).

It’s really strange – I think I went into shock. I cry at everything – I’m awful for it. I’ll cry in conversations, TV adverts, every single film and TV programme I watch, I cry now just looking at her – but when she was born I didn’t. To be fair, was probably traumatized by the birth!

She looked nothing like the babies that I had seen born on things like One Born Every Minute. I had expected her to be slimy, and purple. But she was perfect. I am incredibly biased as her mum – I think she’s the most beautiful human ever made – but here’s a photo (after she was cleaned a bit!):

An older midwife came in and stitched me up down below. All of the gas and air had worn off and the pain was LARGE. I would not recommend stitches in that area with no pain relief.

I was a bit out of it after I think, as I completely forgot that they got my partner to give me a bath until a few weeks later I suddenly remembered! Poor bloke!

We had to stay in overnight as they were unsure if she had swallowed some of her poop (lovely…!) but all was fine the next day and off home we went!

Anyway, over to you – I would love to hear about your birth stories! How did it go? Let me know in the comments below!