Hello! I’m Francesca and I’m a single mum to my crazy beautiful 5 year old daughter, who I will refer to as “A” on here.

This blog is set up to document our journey through life – the ups and downs – warts and all! I became quite a young mum very quickly into a relationship, and we ended up getting married. The relationship was 7 years long but it recently broke down and I am now in the position of being a single mum at the age of 28.

I’ve always tried my best with my daughter, but I’ve found it hard financially and have had a lot of mum guilt. This year I paid off my debt and am now saving towards taking her on her first holiday abroad.

I’ll be sharing the ways in which I keep my budget together (I have a personal finance blog too!) and all of the free or cheap things that we do together.

I hope that you will follow me on this journey through motherhood together, as we are all strong amazing women who deserve the very best in life for ourselves and our children.